About Us

Beanstalk: (noun) The stem of a bean plant, proverbially fast-growing and tall.

We at Beanstalk Theory thrive for progress.

Your brand, your service is our brand, our service. Your growth is our growth. This is the one plan of action we follow and the only one we deem necessary. After all, treating the client’s project as your own is the key, isn’t it?

We love conversing – about ideas as well as things that matter to you. What we equally admire is achieving goals in a timely fashion. Our team strives to understand the business from the client’s perspective, and then does the needful.

Be it creating your brand identity – from logos to brochures and personalised stationery to websites – and from print and outdoor ads to online marketing campaigns, we pride ourselves on handling it all.

So, drop in on us. Let’s have a chat over coffee or tea.